G-Eazy has successfully mastered the art of the crossover, having embraced a more radio-friendly sensibility when the occasion calls for it. Yet never should it be forgotten that Young Gerald is a Bay Area rapper to the core, and will never hesitate to spit some bars. Today, G-Eazy came through to chop it up with the L.A. Leakers, and you already know such appearances can only lead to one thing. 


 Kevin Winter/Getty Images

For this latest freestyle, G-Eazy tackles a Cam'ron and Kanye West classic in "Down & Out," a highlight off Killa's Purple Haze album. Teasing the return of "wild and crazy Gerald," G-Eazy seems in good spirits as he reminds the masses how he fares in a freestyle session. Highlighting the breakneck pace of his lifestyle, G-Eazy flexes relentless while painting a picture of his day-to-day. "I swoop hoes through my shows, I just run through the crowd," he spits. "Have drug-fuelled orgies, I'm ten rubbers down / living ball-to-the-walls I ain't dumbing it down / I'm like a white Jimi Hendrix, think my mother is proud."

"I can write a manual," he spits, taking a tonal shift. "Patrick Bateman is my spirit animal, either him or Hannibal / I'm the fuckin' villain, gold fangs around her neck, I got my grill in / I'm on a killing while you cracked your head upon that ceiling / fuck rappers, I hate em', ask me I ain't sneaking shots to shade him / make me fuck around go Jason Statham." 

Hopefully G-Eazy can bring this energy to his upcoming album These Things Happen Too, from which we've already seen a few singles surface. Do you think Young Gerald should stick to this style more often? Luckily, we've already been promised a "hip-hop" collaboration with Lil Wayne