Bay Area rapper G-Eazy represents the state of California well, putting on for Oakland and its surrounding cities. While you would expect him to be more of a Golden State Warriors fan based on his location in Cali, he has proven to be quite the die-hard Los Angeles Lakers supporter, much like the majority of Californians. When Kobe Bryant shockingly passed away earlier this year, the basketball community gathered together to mourn the loss of one of the all-time greats. Some people even opted to immortalize the legend by getting tribute tattoos in his honour. G-Eazy decided to do the same, debuting his fresh ink on Instagram.

G-Eazy Kobe Bryant
Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images

This week, G-Eazy went to the tattoo parlour to get some new work done on his arm, adding the jersey numbers belonging to Kobe Bryant during his career. Starting off as No. 8, the prolific hooper switched numbers to become No. 24 later in his career, making enough of an impact in the league for both to be retired by his team. The star and his Mamba Mentality mindset had a big effect on Gerald's moves establishing himself as a rapper, so he chose to get something done to always remember Kobe by.

The new markings on his arm are small, but they clearly mean a lot to G. Take a look at the post below.