It looks like the Canadian border has it out for rappers and celebrities going back & forth at the border. Just yesterday, Lil Skies went off about his horrific experience at the airport, saying his friends weren’t allowed in, and that he was held at the airport for hours like some criminal, before going on to say he’ll never return to Canada after this awful experience. But Skies isn’t the only one having issues at the Canadian border. G-Eazy was also just turned away on Monday, and forced to cancel a huge show he had.

TMZ reports that Gerald & his crew ran into issues with Canadian customs agents when they touched down in Calgary today. The Bay Area rapper was set to be a headliner at the Cowboys Music Festival, which coincides with the Calgary Stampede, but unfortunately that won’t be happening anymore.

The Cowboys Dance Hall released a statement Monday night, saying, "Cowboys regrets to inform you that G-Eazy is unable to perform tonight due to reasons beyond our control. Refunds will be processed at the online point of purchase (Showpass).”

Its unclear at the moment why Gerald wasn't allowed entry into the country, but we know Canada doesn’t play around with their rules, and some reports suggest G-Eazy’s recent cocaine arrest in Sweden might have something to do with it. However, thats just speculation at this time, and not necessarily true.

We’ll continue to keep you posted.