G-Eazy and Halsey were at one point relationship goals for many people but that unfortunately ended after the two split up earlier this summer. While there wasn't a clear reason why they broke up, there were speculations it may have had to do with Gerald's infidelity. Despite this, the two of them seem to be on good terms since Halsey was seen in G-Eazy's Instagram comments showing her ex support while he's on tour. Now, fans are convinced that his latest tattoo is a picture of his ex-girlfriend.

Over the weekend, G-Eazy shared a photo of himself in a tattoo chair getting a new piece added to his arm. The photo he shared had no comment but it was clear the rapper was getting a picture of a woman tattooed on his arm. However, the image of the woman isn't incredibly clear but it seemed like the image was enough to warrant speculation as to who the woman is. Fans zoomed into the picture and some of them came to the conclusion that the woman is actually G-Eazy's ex-girlfriend, Halsey. Much of the features seem to resemble some of Halsey's such as the short and dark hair.  

There will likely be more clear photos that emerge in the future but in the time being, check out the photos below and let us know if you think G-Eazy got Halsey tattooed on him in the comments.

[Via EliteDaily]