Whenever you see your favorite artist trending on Twitter, it can be a scary thing to actually dive into the trend and see what's going on. Especially if their fanbase isn't that strong online. There are certain celebrities -- like Ariana Grande, Billie Eilish, Lizzo, and Nicki Minaj -- who will always find themselves in the trends. G-Eazy is not somebody that usually finds himself in that situation so when his search term started gaining traction last night, people were worried to see why. It turns out that people were talking about the Bay Area Greaser to voice their displeasure at his NFL Halftime performance.

Now that football season is officially underway, the league has gotten some of the most popular performers to take the stage during their halftime series. Last weekend, Meek Mill kicked off the festivities and last night's edition of Monday Night Football had G-Eazy gracing the crowd with his presence. The Californian's fans were excited to see the rapper on television but there was a large number of folks that just weren't feeling what he had to offer.

As reported by XXL, Gerald stood atop a Hyundai Genesis as he performed "West Coast" and "No Limit" during both games last night. The memes were pouring in after G was announced to be the special entertainer and almost none of them were flattering. What did you think of his performance?