DJ Paul and Juicy J from Three 6 Mafia have been hit hard within the last few days. The Academy Award-winning artists have been pelted with a stream of lawsuits over copyright infringement, and TMZ revealed that Juicy J, along with G-Eazy, has been named in yet another. The outlet shares that DJ Squeeky and Gaylon Love have claimed that G-Eazy's "No Limit" hit single illegally sampled their 1993 track "Looking 4 Da Chewin."

Three 6 Mafis Lawsuit
Frazer Harrison / Staff / Getty Images

The Memphis artists are taking Juicy J and G-Eazy to court and hope that a judge awards them a portion of the song's profits. As many of you know, "No Limit" also boasts features from Cardi B and A$AP Rocky, but they reportedly haven't been named in the suit. The remix even added on Belly, French Montana, and Juicy J, but only the Three 6 Mafia rapper and G-Eazy are being targeted.

DJ Squeeky and Gaylon Love's attorney reportedly spoke with TMZ gave a little insight as to why there are only two people being named in the lawsuit. "No Limit" is G-Eazy's song, so he's automatically included, and Juicy J got named because "he hails from Memphis, so he should have known he was rapping over a popular Southern hip-hop track that first hit the scene in the early '90s," TMZ wrote.

The publication added that there's always a possibility that more names can be added to the lawsuit in the future. Meanwhile, check out the "No Limit" remix along with "Looking 4 Da Chewin" below.