Those of you who watched the FYRE documentary on Netflix were surely impressed with Andy King's dedication to putting on the best festival ever. While Fyre Festival ended up making headlines for all the wrong reasons, it was ideally going to be one of the most exclusive festivals ever put on. With lawsuits looming and Billy MacFarland in serious trouble over his fraudster ways, Andy King has become a hero in some people's eyes. If you don't remember exactly who he is, he's the guy that was ready to perform fellatio to secure a bunch of Evian water for the festival goers. I told you... dedication. After an overwhelming level of support from the Netflix doc, Andy King has signed on for his own reality TV deal.

According to TMZ, the event planner is set to have cameras follow him around as he organizes some of the coolest events in the world. Since his unforgettable scenes in FYRE, a few networks have reached out to him to ink a deal. Andy says that his show will focus on the stress and drama involved in putting on a major event, like Fyre Festival. However, the fun parts will also be aired. Andy also told the publication that his show will be giving back to communities that they host in, unlike Fyre Festival did.