Fyre Festival will go down as the biggest flop of the century. Billy McFarland created a template of what NOT to do if you plan on hosting a music festival. However, it did make for one of the most fascinating stories of this decade. Netflix's FYRE: The Greatest Party That Never Happened gave better insight into the lunacy of McFarland and the event that he led. Now, the good people at Nerdist have mashed up clips from the Fyre Festival documentary with Jurassic Park for a hilarious clip. 

The Internet wins once again. Nerdist shared a new video mashing up clips from Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened and Jurassic Park. Fyre Festival may have seemed like a frightening experience for the affluent folks who dropped thousands of dollars only to get finessed into eating cheese sandwiches. Jurassic Fraud shows several parallels between the failed festival and 90s film. They even compare John Hammond to Billy McFarland.

The Fyre Festival documentary may have worked out for one of the people working for Fyre Media. According to reports, Andy King -- the event planner who was ready to perform fellatio in order to have the border release their supply of Evian water -- landed a TV deal following his meme-worthy performance in the doc. King will be hosting a television show that focuses on the drama and stress that comes along with hosting major events.