Billy McFarland might be able to escape the public scathing of his failed Fyre Festival, but his business partner Ja Rule is still being pressed about it. A caterer for the festival, Maryann Rolle, claims she coughed up $50K from her own pockets to feed festivalgoers and staff who were left stranded after McFarland's festival fell through. Earlier today, Ja Rule finally issued an apology to Rolle, but she says that he's going to do a lot more than a simple Instagram post.

Speaking to TMZ, Rolle says she didn't see Ja Rule's apology, but she does feel that he's genuinely sorry for the way Fyre Festival transpired. However, she says that actions speak louder than words and if he's actually apologetic, he'll offer her six-figures for the pain she went through.

"I don't know if he was aware of the pain and hard work that I went through because he was in the front line of everything, but I'm glad he's aware of it and he did apologize so that in itself speaks volumes," she says. "If he's sorry, he should be donating something to me. Because sorry is more than a word, it's an action. So I hope he puts his sorry into action."

She continues to say that if he's sorry, he should donate $100K so she could pay her employees and her bills.

Rolle went viral after her appearance in Netflix's Fyre Fest documentary. In the doc, she says she went through her savings and was never compensated for her work. After launching a GoFundMe page, she raised $150K after people realized the trouble she went through.