Everytime Future releases new music, it's difficult to discern the response of his fanbase. It appears to vary by the online community, be it Twitter, Reddit, or our own comment section. Now, Future has amassed quite the following throughout the years, a testament to his staying power and apparent mainstream appeal. Despite having earned the trust of the public, there are many who remain skeptical of Future and his music, receiving his offerings with a notably harsh outlook. On that note, many Future detractors reside within our own community, reluctant to bestow his music with anything higher than "HOTTT." In fact, a quick scan of all Save Me threads point to feelings of disappointment from the HNHH userbase. 

For one, the album page itself is currently sitting at "HOTTT" with a User Percentage of 71%. The top comment is a claim that Tyga's Legendary is superior, which has earned twenty-four co-signs. Others have been openly lamenting a decline in quality, which at least signifies that judgments are being passed under the lens of his greater musical career. Yet it's not all bad. Some have praised the more emotional direction, while others were left with conflicting feelings. Others seemed grateful for Future's work ethic, pleased with a prolific 2019. 

On Twitter, however, the climate appeared relatively different. For one, the line between sincere opinion and "meme" is blurrier than Future's vision after a night on the town. It's not uncommon to hear people openly celebrating "Toxic Masculinity," taking the concept and running with it. Though others are more measured, many are simply content to revel in the imagery of a sobbing Future, acknowledging the potential cry for help while opting to enjoy the unraveling process. All things considered, how do you feel about Save Me?