Future and Young Thug are two of the greatest to have come out of Atlanta in the last decade. The two superstar rappers are among a class of their own, innovating the music industry and commencing trends that would pick up around the world. With his drug-fueled mumblings, Future popularized a style that he can call his own. Young Thug pushed the envelope even further when he adopted a similar style, adding his own flair and pizzazz to the table. Now, the two "twins" can flex whenever they want, including right now, in the middle of quarantine.

Looking back on times when he had more freedom, Future hit the rewind button and decided on a flick of himself and Young Thug in the whip for his story throwback, cruising around Dubai and holding up stacks.

Future Young Thug
Prince Williams/Getty Images

"TWINS ...big rings on the chain and multiple bracelets on the arm," wrote Future as his caption. "Leaving ah private island in Dubai wit 5m's n jewelry whole lotta cash staying at the Versace hotel then swap it out went to the Armani hotel rewriting history in the back of a rolls Royce talking facts and jus a glimpse of our time there still going viral since 2017...SURFERS."

In case you don't remember from their outfits, this still photo was taken during the same car ride that birthed Future's baby mama identification system. 

"You identify my bitches with APs," said the rapper. "If she ain't got a AP, she is not mine! She belongs to the streets."

Future Young Thug