While one student was charged over Tyler, the Creator lyrics, another student in Illinois is being suspended over singing rap lyrics. According to local ABC affiliate in Illinois, the father of a freshman at Washington Community High School claims that his son was suspended over singing the opening lyrics to Future's "Draco." But instead of saying Draco, he mistakenly said AK, prompting another student to report him.

"He was leaving class headed to the bus," Brandon Porter said. "He was singing the song and she felt threatened by the song apparently, but she kept walking towards the bus or what not.”

After singing the lyrics, which go "Draco, sittin' in my bookbag," a female student felt threatened and told the school officials. The police and the school called the kid's mom and the two both returned to the school where authorities were waiting. Police did an investigation but didn't file any charges after their discoveries. From there, the school suspended the kid for six days and banned him from school functions for the remainder of his years but Porter said that his son didn't mean any harm.

"At this point, its her word over his, since when is her word more credible than his, he didn’t threaten her. What witness does she have? It’s not fair. It’s not fair to us. It’s not fair to him," Porter said.