Future's bodyguard was laid out cold last week after a man pulled up on him and punched him in the face. Apparently, Fewtch's muscle had to deal with 10 raging fans who were begging Future for a photo. Initial reports even claimed the men who attacked Future's bodyguard also hurled racial slurs during the altercation. But apparently, the man who seemingly sucker-punched Future believes he was the actual victim in this whole ordeal.


TMZ spoke to Marcus, the man who threw the punch at Future's bodyguard. Marcus explained that the altercation stemmed from an encounter inside of the airport. As he tells it, he and his friends approached Future and asked for a picture. Future, who was clearly not in the mood that day, allegedly told him, "suck my dick." He continued to explain that Future's bodyguard began to get rude with him so he and his friends reciprocated that energy. 

"We grab our luggage but Future's bodyguard, he hasn't left it. He followed us outside and over the road where the taxis are," he explained. "As you can see in the video I posted, he's still causing havoc with us," he added before alleging Future's bodyguard called him and his friends "hoes" and also said he'd "die" for the rapper. "He's telling my friend to come around the corner. He's inviting us to a fight," he added.

Marcus also addressed allegations that he threw racial slurs at Future's bodyguard. Peep the whole interview below.