Just when you thought this might be coming to a close, Eliza Reign loads another clip and prepares to fire.

Future and the mother of his daughter Reign Wilburn, Eliza Reign, have been fighting in court for the last two years. At first, Future attempted to deny that he was the father of the one-year-old, allegedly threatening to kill Eliza if she did not go through with an abortion. Because of her allegations against him, he filed a defamation suit (which was dropped last week). Finally, a DNA test confirmed that the rapper was the father, sparking a child support battle, which seemingly ended this week.

Eliza had been asking Future to pay her $53,000 in child support every month, suggesting that amount because of Future's $20 million reported income in Forbes. According to his lawyers though, he's only making $30,000 a month and, with that in mind, the judge decided that $3,200 monthly was enough.

According to Eliza's legal team, she is not happy with the result and is planning to grill him further in court.

"We disagree with it. We had some other evidence that was contradictory," said Brandon Rotbart, Eliza's attorney. "We are very hopeful that once we get all the documentation from him, his banking info, his credit card info, that the final child support number would be substantially higher."

While $53,000 per month may not be a feasible ask, $3,200 definitely does not seem like enough, especially considering everything that Future allegedly put her through.