Future and Eliza Reign have been going back-and-forth for over a year after Reign claimed the ATL rapper impregnated her. They've since taken their issues with each other through the courts with Future filing a motion for a "psychological and mental health evaluation of petitioner Eliza Seraphin.” The rapper argued that she's been dragging his name through the mud which he believes is due to mental health issues. Additionally, he cited her history of violence and arrest history as further proof.

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

As the two continue to duke it out in court, Reign wants Future's motion to be declined but according to The Blast, she's demanding he gets sanctioned for even attempting to bring it up in court. She claimed that Future filed the motion out of spite. However, Future's also stated that the request was because he feared his own safety.

Future initially filed these documents after Reign made an appearance on Rah Ali's podcast where she went into detail about her relationship with Future and spoke on his relationship with Lori Harvey.

Future hasn't denied knowing Reign during this entire battle. Although he denied being the father of the child, he did admit that he did have sexual relations with her from 2016 to 2018. Future has since filed a federal lawsuit against her for defamation and is requesting the judge grant him an injunction to prevent her from speaking on his name publicly.