Proud father Future doesn't have a problem boasting about the love he has for his children. Yet, the rapper doesn't openly accept every child that is alleged to be his, like the son of Instagram model Eliza Seraphin. She's taken to social media to air out all of their dirty laundry, even claiming that Future wanted her to get an abortion when he found out that she was pregnant.

While being in the thick of that possible-baby mama drama, another woman named Cindy has come forward with claims that Future is the father of her son, as well. If both Eliza and Cindy's claims that Future fathered their children are true, that would make Future a father of eight kids—with at least three of them being less than one-year-old.

The two women, being allegedly snubbed by the rapper, recently connected on social media to share side-by-side photos of their babies. "Omg this is scary how Legend x Reign look so much alike," Eliza wrote before telling Cindy she can't wait for their kids to meet. Meanwhile, Future recently vacationed with his other baby mama Joie Chavis after he flew her out to Turks & Caicos to celebrate her birthday in style. 

Cindy may have sent Future a subliminal shot after she pulled a post-and-delete on Instagram with an image that read, "Do N*ggas ever look at they Homies and say ' So You just Ain't gone take care of yo kids.'" Check out photos of Future's alleged children below.