Over the course of many months, Future and his alleged baby mama, Eliza Seraphin, have been leveling damning accusations at one another, both in the courtroom and on social media. Seraphin is claiming that Future is the father of her 10-month old daughter, Reign Wilburn, even co-opting the rapper's government last name to prove her point. In court, Future has responded to Seraphin's request for child support by calling into question her credibility. He has accused her of referring to her daughter as a "check baby", insinuating that she purposely got pregnant in order to siphon funds from him. He has also reportedly asked the judge to order Seraphin to undergo a psychiatric evaluation to determine whether mental issues may have driven her to fabricate this whole story. 

Future Alleged Baby Mama Eliza Seraphin Paternity Lawsuit FraudParas Griffin/Getty Images

Seraphin has had enough of Future defaming her name and stresses that she just wants her one simple wish to be granted: "JUST TAKE THE TEST" (as her Instagram bio reads). It was reported last week that the court finally ordered Future to take the DNA test to establish whether he is the father or not. 

While you'd assume that the test results would be able to settle the matter and spare everyone the collateral drama, something else has popped up in the case. According to Bossip, Seraphin has requested the court to sanction Future for accusing her of fraud. The "Life Is Good" artist claimed that Seraphin filing that she was indigent in the lawsuit was false and amounted to perjury. While he insisted that Seraphin has bank accounts and a new SUV, she fired back by highlighting that her accounts have barely anything in them (like $4 and $9) and she leases that car. Seraphin's profession as an influencer allows her to sporadically make money off social media posts, but she still falls below the $2500 threshold for claiming indigency in Florida. We'll keep you updated on how the courts handle this development.