Future has been repeatedly targeted by two women, Cindy Parker and Eliza Seraphin, claiming to be the mothers of his children. While they have been doing all in their power to get him to take paternity tests and support his supposed babies, Future has remained unaffected. The Atlanta rapper continues to record his music and spend time with his new boo, Lori Harvey

Since Future has refused to cooperate with their investigation - dismissing the paternity claims as extortion - Parker and Seraphin were forced to pursue other means of proving his culpability. Last week, the two alleged baby mamas shared on Instagram that DNA tests revealed that there is a 99.9% chance that their children are biological siblings

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

According to records obtained by The Blast, Parker submitted the DNA test to the court on December 12. Despite initially filing the lawsuit against Future in October, she has yet to be successful in serving him with legal documents. A recent hearing was cancelled after a process server failed to bring the Atlanta rapper to court. 

Last week, Parker accused Future of sending her hush money to get these stories out of the media. If this is true, then the gag orders he issued must have not been approved. The baby mama drama shall persist.