Future's apparently expecting his fifth child with choreographer Joie Chavis and since her name has been brought back into the headlines (since she's also Bow Wow's baby mother) she's been getting all kinds of hate and love. Joie announced her pregnancy on Instagram with a cute Power Rangers themed photo with her friends.

Since her big news, Future was said to be hanging with one of his ex-girlfriends which sparked Joie to share a couple messages. Her first note lets fans know that she's taking the high road, asking her followers to "please keep the negative energy off my page and leave those clowns to their circus."

Her second message was a lengthy one, shutting down reports about her reaching out to blogs to share personal details on Future and her pregnancy. "It's so disheartening, and even more frustrating that I constantly have to defend myself when I honestly don't want to say anything and let ya'll believe what you want like I usually do," she said. It seems as though someone made up an account and pretended to be her, but Joie assures us that she doesn't speak to publications, adding: "I'm baffled."

Check it out below.