If you're as confused as me about how many women Future has children with, we've thankfully compiled a list of all of his (known) baby mothers. Over the last year, Fewtch has been involved in so much drama with his children's mothers that it's getting increasingly difficult to keep track of. There's Brittni Mealy, Joie Chavis, and like four other women... The sixth woman who is allegedly expecting a baby with Future has just shared a photo of herself and her growing baby bump, leading many to echo Wendy Williams' sentiment from a few weeks ago.

The most recent woman to claim she's pregnant with Pluto's kid is Eliza Reign and she's just shared a photo of how far along she is. The self-proclaimed "Haitian Goddess" is one of six women who has mothered the rapper's children. The most famous of his baby mothers is obviously Ciara, who regularly posts photos of her family with Russell Wilson and her son Future

For now, it's unclear when the baby is due. Future hasn't denied the claims so he'll likely be adding to his monthly child support bill in the future (pun fully intended.) Hopefully, he sticks around to raise his child.