Future was in the headlines last week after he compared himself to Nipsey Hussle, saying that their legacies are nearly identical. People called on his bluff though, asking him to be a little more specific on how he may even believe that. The iconic Atlanta rapper has experienced a lot of success with his music, dropping off a few essential projects along the way, but his philanthropic work and the opportunities he's created for his community do not compare to Nipsey. We're not saying that Future hasn't done anything for his community - that's nowhere near the truth - but Fewtch has seemingly been more focused on living a life of luxury as opposed to helping others exit their own rough situations, which is totally fine. In his personal life, the artist has spent time with many women, having children with several of them. The alleged sixth woman to have mothered one of his babies recently had her baby shower and fans were confused why the rapper wasn't present. Eliza Reign quickly gave everybody a blunt explanation.

"All the hurt, blood, sweat and tears I’ve encountered thru these pass 9 months have really made me grow into a better person," wrote Eliza on her social media. "I must say I’m relieved And happy that i am now surrounded by genuine people that truely showed me what real love and support is," she added with some subtle shade already being sent to Pluto. 

When one fan asked why Future wasn't at the baby shower since, after all, he did attend Joie Chavis' shower, Eliza replied that the answer is actually quite simple. "Same reason why you didn’t… #wasntinvited," she wrote according to Bossip

Hopefully, the two make nice once their baby is born because their unborn child deserves to have a father.