Future may be dealing with some hectic matters with his baby mamas but all that's put on hold as the "Jumpman" rapper's oldest son has been busted with charges affiliated to gang activity, BOSSIP reports. According to the publication, Future's first child, 17-year-old Jakobi Wilburn (who he had with ex Jessica Smith) was found in possession of a gun with the serial numbers scratched off. The bust came late last month and Jakobi has been hit with charges of criminal gang activity, criminal trespass and the altered ID of a gun.

Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

While Jakobi is a teenager, in the state of Georgia a 17-year-old is considered an adult and he faces five to 20 years in jail on the one charge of gang activity alone. The case has a number of other defendants associated since it was a massive gang roundup. There's been no further detail on a set court date for Jakobi or any contact he's had with his father. The last time Jakboi's name was involved in any legal matters was back in 2012 when his mother went after Future for more child support - something the rapper is very used to. 

We'll keep you guys updated on the story as it develops.