Lil Wayne’s recent Emmett Till reference has drawn a lot of attention and negative feedback as even Till’s family has issued a statement with their disappointment.   The lyric appears on Future’s “Karate Chop (Remix)” which Weezy featured on, and in an interview with MTV the ATL rapper says it was never intended to be hurtful as neither rapper had “bad intentions.”

Always looking for new sexual analogies, on the track Tunechi says “beat that pussy up like Emmett Till,” referencing the historically brutally beaten victim of racism.  Talking about the line, Future Hendrix says the vibe on the song was a positive one, "It was a hot song, we did it from a good place with great intentions, just to add some life on to the song.”  The Pluto rapper goes onto add, “The record it was done from a good place, good art, he ain't have no bad intentions when he was thinking about it like that."

Weighing in on the negative reception from activists and fans alike, Future is sympathetic, but wants people to start focusing on the positive, "It was used in a different way, but I understand it.  So at the end of the day we're gonna move on from it and find a way to build."