Future blessed us all at the wee hours of the morning when he dropped his first project of the year, Beast Mode 2. While everyone's taking in the 9 tracks of pure fire, many noticed that the release date of his latest project coincides his baby mother Ciara's second wedding anniversary with her husband Russell Wilson. People thought the release date was far too coincidental for it to be an accident. However, Future's plans to release Beast Mode 2 today wasn't dictated by Ciara and Russ but actually, by Drake.

According to TMZ, Future decision to release Beast Mode 2 today was actually done out of respect for Drake. Future reportedly wanted to give Drake's Scorpion enough time to breathe before he dropped off his own project. The rapper initially wanted to drop the project on Wednesday, July 4th but felt that it was too close to Drake's release. Future didn't want to compete or screw with Drake's numbers. In addition, the source claims that Future's never kept up to date on Russell Wilson and Ciara's relationship enough to connect the dots between their anniversary and his release date.

Future's courtesy move for Drake doesn't come as much of a surprise. The two have worked together as far back as 2011 on the remix to "Tony Montana and have gone onto join forces on their collaborative project, What A Time To Be Alive back in 2015.

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