Future has established himself as a successful solo artist, but now the rapper known for his multi-tasking abilities is expanding his horizons to write songs for other artists. Fewch has already penned a track for Rihanna with "Loveeeeeee Song", has been working with Jennifer Lopez, and most recently co-wrote the newest single, "Body Party" from his new romantic interest Ciara.

On his exclusive relationship with the R&B songstress, the Askronaut revealed that with his dedication to music, one partner is enough for him. "Right now, at the time in my life where I'm in the studio, I'm so engulfed in my music, I only need one woman."

Future spoke about working on Ciara's upcoming album, revealing "I just take the role of just playing beside her. It's easy working with a superstar". The autotuned spitter explained that he functions more as a guide to Ciara's songwriting. "Outside our relationship, when we in the studio, we just go freelance, and let her do whatever she do as an artist. I'm there to critique what she's got going on.”

The Freebandz leader has high hopes for his girl's next effort. "One Woman Army, gonna be one of the greatest albums she's released." he said. "It's gonna be one of those albums that you look back on. Today, I'm already calling it a classic, before it even comes out."

Watch the full interview below.