Future is in full album mode, after releasing the Sonny Digital-produced "Covered N Money" the other week off the upcoming Honest album, he'll be releasing another new single on March 31st. This one is definitely one of the more anticipated cuts, as it features Kanye West, "I Won."

During a discussion with Angie Martinez on Hot 97, Future revealed that a music video for "I Won" has already been shot, and the director is Hype Williams. It sounds like this will be a classic Hype video from Future's description.

"The Kanye West single," Future responded when asked about what's next off Honest. "Waiting for Hype to get finished with the video. The video's already done."

The ATLien described it as "incredible", continuing, "We on the water, on the beach and it's beautiful women."

"He made these look like the old Hype Williams' video girls," the auto-tuned MC continued. "You know when video girls were stars back then. Video vixens, you really got them from the Hype Williams videos."

Future also depicted what 'Ye is doing in the visual, and says Kanye kept it real the entire shoot. "He standing on the beach, between the water. The water was actually getting on him, he ain't complaining. Kanye kept it real with me on this one, all the way real."

Listen to the audio clips from Angie Martinez' interview below, where he also discusses Ciara and their baby.

[Update: Future Drops Official Artwork For "I Won" Ft. Kanye West]

We now (April 7) have the official artwork for Future's upcoming single, "I Won" Ft. Kanye West.