In February, it was reported that Ciara sued her ex and baby daddy Future to the tune of $15 million. TMZ was even able to get footage of the Freebandz rapper getting served legal documents outside of LAX. Soon after, rumors that Future was planning to clap back with a countersuit of his own began to surface, and last month, he did just that. Ciara brought forth charges of defamation, slander, and libel against her ex, and the details of Future's countersuit still aren't totally clear, but it seems that he has hit Ciara with similar accusations. His suit allegedly dismissed the notion that his bad-mouthing of Ciara on social media negatively affected her career because said career was already experiencing a downturn. Yeah, it got ugly. 

It seems that the legal proceedings are finally about to commence, as The Jasmine Brand has reported that Future has been summoned to appear for a deposition, during which he will have to answer questions under oath about his potentially defamatory tweets, his child support, and even Russell Wilson (to whom he does not take kindly). 

The date when Future is supposed to appear for his deposition is still unclear, but Ciara filed the documents that have impelled him to do so earlier this week, on May 2, and those documents seem to be binding. 

Additional details from Ciara's original suit have also been reported by The Jasmine Brand, including that she had contacted Future's legal team to ask that he take down the tweets in question -- a request that was apparently ignored or denied -- before she filed her lawsuit. She is also reportedly seeking $250,000 in attorney fees on top of the $15 million that she believes Future should rightfully pay her.