Despite keeping their relationship a secret for weeks at the end of last year, Future and Lori Harvey can't hide their love for one another anymore, going all-out for their first Valentine's Day as a couple. Lori Harvey just bought herself a brand new mansion in Los Angeles and, upon waking up, she can't have known what her rapper boyfriend would pull off. She posted a video on her Instagram Story to detail all that Future Hendrix planned out for her.

Lori Harvey Future Valentine's Day
John Phillips/Getty Images

Walking down the stairs in the interior of her new home, a single rose was placed on each step until Lori reached the ground floor and walked into a beautiful display of flowers, set up by Future. "What I just woke up to," wrote the model, showing off the candle-lit display with hundreds of rose petals and bouquets elaborately designed in the room. Clearly, Future put in some hard work for their first V-Day together, perhaps envisioning many more as a couple.

At the start of their union, Future and Lori Harvey were both very tight-lipped about the nature of their hang-outs. They remained silent until the release of "Life Is Good," which brought about the confirmation of their love with a steamy photo upload in the pool