The relationship between Future and Lori Harvey may have been a strange match-up for some, but the two enjoyed the good life while together. They often shared images of their luxurious lifestyles, jet-setting for celebratory moments that included Lori's birthday. It was just over a year ago when Future reportedly went all out for Lori's big day, an event that included flying her friends out to Jamaica for a beachside mansion party unlike any other.

Months later, news began to surface that the famous pair decided to call it quits, and Lori has moved on with award-winning actor Michael B. Jordan. As those two continue to ease their romance into the public sphere, a snippet of a track featuring Future and 42 Dugg has surfaced, and it sounds as if Future mentioned Lori and her stepfather, Steve Harvey.

Harvey found himself as the punchline for several jokes involving Lori and Future's relationship, but on this leaked portion of this new track, Future makes it clear that his romance with Lori is a thing of the past. "Tell Steve Harvey I don't want her," Future reportedly raps in the clip. Although it isn't much, the mention has already set social media aflame and people are teasing the rapper for still talking about his ex a year and a half later.

Meanwhile, Harvey has recently mentioned that he has given Jordan the stamp of approval. Check out the snippet below.