Near the end of last year, Future suggested that he signed a major deal worth over $50 million. These days, artists prefer to go independent for as long as possible. We've all heard the horror stories about people getting trapped in deals and not being able to fully live out their creative goals. With Future, he's been able to strive and become one of Atlanta's legends all from his initial deal. The rapper reiterated that a new deal is already in place during his interview with Big Boy, noting that The WIZRD will be the final project on his current contract with Epic.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

WIZRD drops next week and anticipation is pretty high for the upcoming work. During his sit-down in Big Boy's Neighborhood, the artist revealed that he only has one feature on the entire project, opting to go it alone for the most part. When it comes to his future (pun fully intended), Fewtch has got everything lined up already. He compared his deals to basketball contracts, telling the radio host that once his current deal is up on January 18, the next one already kicks in. "It's like guaranteed money," said the artist.

He continued, "It's a different kind of contract but I done worked for it, you know? I've been in the game for 10 years." Pluto has been hustling for a decade and if he did indeed sign for over $50 million, he undoubtedly deserves it.