Future just released his new album, Honest, this week, and while it's got its share of ballads, much of the record has a more aggressive tone than fans may have been expecting from it's pre-delay rollout. Turns out, Future scrapped the album that was meant for a November release and started fresh, though it seems we will be hearing much of the material in a new album released later this year. The ATL rapper opened up about the album in an interview with HOT 97.

On the "bluesier" side of his sound, Future confirmed that we'd be hearing more of it on the upcoming project, which will bear the title that was originally set for Honest. "You're going to hear it on Future Hendrix," he said. "That's the album that's about to come. I just had to take a step back and make sure I connect with the fans".

He then explained what happened to the more melodic version of the album. "I did the whole album over," he revealed. "Once I was on tour, there was a whole 'nother album in November. I changed the whole album after the tour [with Drake]."

As far as what we can expect from the album, Fewtch compared it to what could be described as the only love song on Honest. "Something like 'I Be U'," he said. "That's more Future Hendrix. There's more emotions in it, good or bad."

Later on in the interview, Future commented on the all-star lineup of features he scored for Honest. "I believe they respect the art, they respect the craft. You can see there's the proof right there on the album," he said. ''Ye ain't just about to work with anyone. Drake on the album. Andre 3000 not about to work with anyone. Can't no one get him for a verse." 

The auto-tuned crooner also shared some tidbits from his early days writing with his uncle, Organized Noize's Rico Wade. "A lot of Bubba Sparxxx records was around. I used to write songs for Ludacris," he said, his work with the latter artist being evident from his writing credit on "Blueberry Yum Yum".

Watch the full interview below, as well as his sit-down with Elliott Wilson for CRWN.