When product placement occurs in movies, viewers tend to roll their eyes at the obvious and often shameless attempt at advertising. In hip-hop, however, a rapper can open a catalog, recite the contents over a hard-hitting beat, and come out with an enjoyable result. Funny how that works, isn't it? As everyone knows, rappers love their luxury fashion brands even when those same brands don't always love them back.

Future Gucci Bucket Hat

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Still, Future has often flaunted the contents of his wardrobe, using them as a means to establish his status. Now, he's back to his old tricks on "Gucci Bucket Hat," a new song he's in the middle of cooking up. It's unclear as to whether he's already working on a new album, but given Future's prolific nature, it wouldn't be surprising to see a High Off Life follow-up sooner rather than later. 

As for the song itself, you can already imagine what the chorus consists of. "Gucci bucket hat, Gucci bucket hat," raps Future, adding a signature bird-cry for good measure. And yet somehow, he pulls it off -- probably due to his seemingly boundless charisma. Say what you will about the noted fashionista, but at least the man does his dirt with style. Check out the first glimpse at "Gucci Bucket Hat" below.