Last week, Future announced his new album Dirty Sprite 2, and Twitter immediately exploded with excitement. There was one exception though. OG Maco took the chance to go on a rant about hip hop's drug culture and his belief that Future has "destroyed countless lives by making it cool to be a drug addict," attracting the ire of the #FutureHive. Just now, Future fielded some questions on Huffington Post, and one pertained to Maco's rant.

Responding to Maco's comments, Future said, "He need to start rapping church bible verses, and then he won't have an opinion on hip hop. He'll talk about Kirk Franklin."

Going on, he said: "The young people inspire me. They inspire some things I say and things I do, because the generations have changed. I don’t think I'm destroying lives, it's up to the people to do what they do."

He wasn't ready to address Maco directly, instead saying: "OG Maco gonna have to see me and say that to my face. All that Twitter, I’m not with that. But he should say that to me. When I see him, I'ma see him, and if he don’t say nothing, I'm not gonna respect it. But if he say it in my face, he not gonna get the response I'm saying right now. But besides that, I'ma go live my life and not think about him."

After ethering Maco, Future proceeded to do the same to Russell Wilson, saying that Ciara never made him wait for sex. Watch the full interview below.