The alleged mother of Future's seventh child spoke out this week in an attempt to have the rapper finally assume parenthood of her daughter. Eliza Reign, a Floridian woman who has been claiming that the recording artist fathered her child for months, issued a statement on the matter a few days ago. Reign took to Instagram to refer to the man as a "deadbeat" and apparently, Future didn't take long to get his two cents in.

Instead of issuing a public statement about the drama in his personal life, he's leaving this up to the judge. According to The Blast, the rapper reportedly filed legal paperwork against Eliza Reign, which would ensure that she remains silent to protect his name. Future reportedly rushed to court to have his lawyer request a gag order on his alleged baby mama, pleading with the judge to have her stop spreading misinformation to the masses. The court has not yet decided whether to grant Future's motion or not.

We will continue to follow this situation closely and will update you with any potential developments moving forward. During her pregnancy, Eliza Reign was adamant that she had been intimate with Future and, given his track record with women, the fans are inclined to believe her. Do you think Future is the father? Somebody call Maury pronto.