In the latest report from the celebrity dating rumor mill, Future has struck up a relationship with Bow Wow's baby mama.

As per some photo and video evidence that has been making the rounds on social media, the "Mask Off" rapper has been "secretly" dating Joie Chavis, a name that might not be super familiar to hip-hop fans outside the fact that she is the mother of Bow Wow's son Shai. Chavis is a model and entrepreneur who has over 750,000 followers on Instagram alone. Peep a couple of her photos below.

Based on the footage culled from her birthday part festivities, Chavis seems like she's definitely calling Future her boo these days. During a part of one of the videos, Future clearly tries to move his chair out of the way so as to not get caught on camera, however he wasn't quick enough. No doubt whomever was capturing the moment with the smartphone wasn't privy to those wishes. There was also a Rolex that Future gifted the new lady in his life for her birthday, which probably chump change for the rapper at this point. After all, getting yourself booked in a Gap commercial alongside living wax figure legendary singer Cher pads your pockets significantly.

How's Bow Wow feeling about all this? If you're judging from his Twitter reaction, then pretty damn salty. He even managed to work in the hook from UOENO, which Future did the vocals for, into his tweet. Talk about feeling a certain way...

Calling out the woman you have a kid with simply for being in public with a (rumored) romantic interest is kind of on the petty side, but we'll let that go for the time being. The more important thing is to know that Future is indeed keeping his romantic escapades confined to a single woman, allegedly. Though emcees in his position might be best known for playing the field as it were, the fact that this relationship with Chavis has been going on for several months now only strengthens the notion that he's not looking elsewhere for love. Neither he nor his new flame have commented publicly on their relationship, but with this new evidence up on social media, such a confession might not be far away.