Future is still reasonably bitter about the Ciara breakup, but it's easy to at the very least entertain his perspective. Ciara rebounded with a very "present" father and partner, something neither Ciara or Future could ever to be to each other, under preexisting circumstances. Today of all days in the year, Future reflected on being single for 4 years. The Ciara breakup seeped into his songwriting process, as did incident reports of substance abuse at a consumable rate.

Future's next contemplation comes as he catches himself swiping to the left. The Freebandz CEO tweeted a self-memo: "She not wife material. Can’t u tell." The most recent tryst on the Riviera is less bustling than the last, and the one before it, leading back to Ciara, a woman Future is said to have prayed with after intercourse. While he sat on the fence of domesticality with the clock running, Ciara dredged ahead. 

By 2:16pm Future comes to his senses, but for how long? Moments of clarity are fleeting which is why choose to write them upon inspection. People erect dream catchers over their beds for that very reason, others plant a journal next to their nightstand for easy access.

One thing's for certain, Future is going through "them changes," with or without the object of his desire.