Future's lady drama is as complicated as it gets. A few weeks a go, it was reported the rapper left dumped Joie Chavis, who was rumored to be pregnant with his child, and got back together with his baby mama, Brittni Mealey. It seems like the two of them have been going pretty steady but it may have not been a mutually exclusive relationship. Mealey recently hit her Instyagram story to put the BeastMode 2 rapper on blast for allegedly creeping with another girl after a show in Canada.

Brittni Mealey is not happy with Future one bit. The rapper has been doing some festival dates in Canada and over the weekend, he performed in Quebec for "Festival D'été De Québec." Photos of the rapper hopping out of a vehicle with a mystery women outside of the hotel surfaced and Brittni Mealey hit Instagram to get some things off her chest. She reposted the circulating image with a snake emoji above Future's head. She then shared another post on her story which read, "No matter how geniune u r some people will always b a PIECE OF [shit]."

While Joie Chavis has yet to reveal whether Future is actually the father of her unborn child, she too threw some shade at the rapper for similar behavior after he reconnected with Mealey.

It's unsure how he plans on dealing with the drama but we could only hope he turns the drama into some beautiful music for his next project.