In a matter of hours, we'll be listening to Future's newest addition to his discography. The iconic Atlanta rapper has come through with so much memorable content over the years and this era in his career will serve as a reminder of what he can accomplish in 2019. He's still sitting on top of the game and there's still tons of excitement surrounding the forthcoming project after somewhat of a quiet year for Future. The tracklist was unveiled a few days ago with features from Travis Scott, Young Thug, and Gunna near the end of The WIZRD. We've already heard two singles from this era but Pluto wants to give us all a head start as we choose our favorite songs. Instead of letting us wait another day, Fewtch has decided to preview the first five songs on Twitter.

Starting off with a reference to Yeezy Boosts and Reeboks on "Never Stop," we head into the previously heard "Jumpin On A Jet." After "Rocket Ship," Future played a snippet of what has the potential to be a favorite from the album: "Temptation." While we can only hear a few seconds, it already sounds like one of the better tracks of the five. 

It's possible that the rapper may run through the entirety of the album today, stopping prematurely at "Crushed Up." What do you think, so far?