Future's sophomore album, Honest, wasn't the landmark it was meant to be. While it spawned Future's biggest hit thus far, "Move That Dope," it failed to establish the rapper as the superstar he had the potential to be. 

Strangely, it was his breakup with Ciara and subsequent lean-induced depression that birthed the Monster era, a string of menacing mixtapes that revealed a new appeal. With "Fuck Up Some Commas" and many other singles blasting out of cars everywhere, Future seems to feel the time is right to hit us with his third studio album, and we couldn't agree more.

"I think the world ready for me to drop my album," he wrote on Twitter today to the excitement of fans. 

As far as when it will actually come out, it's hard to say. Fewtch is still set to release his Ape Shit mixtape with Mike WiLL later this year -- then again, we wouldn't be surprised if those sessions have gradually carved themselves into the skeleton of Future's new album.

So, is the world ready? Or do y'all want mixtape Future forever?