Future Leads The Suite Life Of A Hotel Baron On "WIFI LIT"

Devin Ch
August 31, 2018 12:46

Future makes a music video out of "WIFI LIT."

Future wasn't kidding when he promised a return to form for both he and Zaytoven. Beastmode 2 dropped during a transitional phase in Future's adult life: three years the bachelor, which by all accounts is enough time to heal any scar tissue. The grievance period felt a lot like America's boycott of Cuba for X amount of years. Future's new video "WIFI LIT" is retrofitted like the comfy Cuban taxis that U.S. turncoats used to ride in the 1960s.

Obama would eventually break the seal on a "state mission" to get him some gift boxes, Like Obama, Future's residential permit allows him to set up a Kissing Booth for no longer than 8 hours at a time. Both men are perceived to be stately figures, it just so happens Future is less interested in foreign diplomacy than you would think.

In the "WIFI LIT" video released today, Future continues to live his best life after love. Rather than grovel in pain/regret, the ATL heavyweight showers himself in hedonistic praise. The music video subverts this notion that only rich white men manifest their overblown desires. Future knows a Burberry bucket seat is out fashion currently, but he'll buy one anyway -- for the sake of posterity.

Check out "WIFI LIT." Comment below.

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