Future is the latest celeb/rapper to take the Lil Duval "Living My Best Life" challenge to heart. The Atlanta heavyweight jumped on Instagram and bbegan documenting his leisure suite, a series of vignettes which included a ton of wasted liquor, an improvisational piano set, and the boarding of a private jet.


Every step of the way, Future sang "I'm Living My Best," words bestowed to the World by Lil Duval in his new song "Smile B*tch." The record has spurred a bunch of "socially acceptable" stunts including one by Duval himself where he smokes a joint in a department store. 

Future has earned his vacation time after pulling off a series of orchestrated maneuvers. First he curated both sides to the Superfly soundtrack, performing on a great number of the songs. It was his first experience in an executive role other this day-to-day functions as the CEO of Freebandz, a subsidiary of Sony Music. 

Then on July 6th he unveiled Beastmode 2, the follow up to his genre-defining collaboration with producer Zaytoven. So when you see the usually reserved Future Hendricks pouring expensive liquor into a wading pool, know for certain he's earned his right to say, "I'm not going back and forth with you ******, I'm living my best life."