Future maintains that his side of the story is the greater of two narratives. The Freebandz CEO sat down with Fader for an in-person video interview, where little or nothing was left off the table. Future "bad seed" reputation comes within the territory of his musical persona. But when it comes to misapprehension towards his romantic life, Future was more than willing to set the record straight. 

"I'm misunderstood in the fact that how much I love love. I love the thought of finding real love. I love the thought of loving somebody that love me just as much," Future told the Fader's Senior Editor Ben Dandridge-Lemco. 

After airing on side of caution for the early part of the interview, Future proceeded to plug his forthcoming The WIZRD project. In the process of picking his brain, Dandridge-Lemco was able to learn that Future's long lost friend OG Double D was the inspiration for his latest material. Double D named his friend "The Wizard" after coming to grips with Future's impressive ability to "trust his instincts" and disregard the Hoople-talk. The results of that mental process speak for themselves.

From there, Future continued to show his vulnerable side, in crediting Seth Firkins, his friend and engineer, with helping to his current standing position. Future would also remark on his affinity for Young Thug, who he considers a younger version of himself. Check out the remainder of the video clip, you won't be disappointed in the least.