Last December, Pusha T partnered with 1800 Tequila to release an album titled 1800 Seconds. Push selected ten up-and-coming artists from various area codes to appear on the project and prove their potential. The album was capped off at 30 minutes, which, if you do the math, equates to 1800 seconds. The concept behind the project was described as "a new recording and artist discovery platform." Each artist had the opportunity to get in the studio with King Push and craft a track with him. 

This year, 1800 Tequila is bringing back this campaign with Future filling the role of musical mentor. On Monday, the Atlanta rapper shared a trailer previewing 1800 Seconds, Vol. II, which will be released this Wednesday (Dec. 18). "Take advantage of every opportunity - just make the most of it," he says in a voice-over for a clip of him directing other artists. The last time Future served as curator of a musical project was for the 2013 mixtape, Future Presents F.B.G: The Movie, which featured artists from his label like Young Scooter, Slice 9, Mexico Ran, Millionaire Mark, Maceo, Test, Doe Boy & Casino. 

In terms of Future's own music, rumors were recently sparked that What A Time To Be Alive 2 could be in the works since a casting call was put out for a Future x Drake music video