Plus size model Naomie Chaput, who goes by Nao, is coming after Future since he allegedly told a Miami club that no "fatties" were allowed, Buzzfeed reports. Nao was in the city for a photo shoot when she got a message from Story's club promoter saying: “Don’t even bother coming. Future asked for no fatties."

Nao took the matter to her social media and posted a video to Instagram explaining her situation. "So, just got news that this is true, that Future said no fatties in the club—and he has all the rights to do so," Nao said, as seen in the clip below. "[...] I'm just trying to understand really why this is, like, a thing. Why is he allowed to put those rules in place [...] the discrimination is insane to me." 

According to the promoter Nao was in contact with, Future makes these kinds of requests all the time. Both BuzzFeed and Nao reached out to Future's team and have yet to hear a response, but he did send out a tweet that alluded to the situation. 

Nao took the matter into her own hands and DMd Future asking: "Can you then say (if it's true) for everyone that you do not support Story Miami Club and their fat phobic ways for literally telling me and my friend NOT to come, on your behalf and LYING to us, that it was per your request that 'not fatties' were allowed?" 

Future responded, "U lied on my name. U should've said story told u that shit." He added: "U condone accusing the wrong person and lying.. that's evil! Spread the truth next time when u falsely accuse someone! Your call."

There's been no word on exactly what kind of legal action Nao plans on taking. Read the full exchange on BuzzFeed here