In case you aren’t a football fan, the Seattle Seahawks lost to the Carolina Panthers in a game that was a lot less close than the score appeared. That’s not (really) what this story is about though.

Less than 12 hours before the game’s start, Future let loose his new mixtape Purple Reign. As a quick refresher, Future was formerly in a relationship and shares a kid with pop star Ciara, but they broke up and she’s dating Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson. The split has not been particularly amicable.

While Future hasn’t made any official connection between the Purple Reign release date and the Seahawks game, Future’s rabid fanbase saw enough of a connection and ran with it, with the game’s lopsided beginning acting as a flame to kerosene. What resulted are a series of hilarious memes and observations connecting the Seahawks and especially Russell Wilson’s performance to the release of the tape and the general specter of Future Hendrix. Purple umbrella emojis, which will probably be called Purple Reign emojis from now on, were in full effect.  Even some larger media outlets joined in on the bloodletting.

They even went in on the Instagram comments of Russell Wilson’s photos with child cancer patients. Y’all are ruthless.