Who has Future all in his feelings? The rapper posted a series of videos to his Instagram Story, and in a few Future was candid about not getting love from the people he thought were in his circle. He said that he was having a hard time this week and was surprised that no one reached out to make sure that he was okay. He never specifically mentioned that it had anything to do with Nipsey Hussle's murder, although that tragedy was a strong blow to the hip hop community.

"My week has been madness," Future said. "No one checked on me. My kids' mothers, I take care of them great, the ones I got love for. I say this to say, if you don't give someone something, if they ain't thinking about what they can get, they not gon' call you."

"I do things out of the greatness of my heart," the rapper continued. "I might not be perfect but I make sure everybody good. Everyone is good around me." The video clip was overlayed with text that read, "I bought cribs, cars, bags, jewelry, etc. No disrespect, no hard feelings. Jus know why I'm the way I am...not a simple text."

The line about taking care of the baby mamas he "got love for" gave fans pause, but Future didn't speak anymore on it. He did, however, go on to say that after he passes away, he doesn't want "fake love" from anyone. "As soon as you die, mothaf**kas are gonna be cryin' about who loved you the most," he said before flashing his blinged out chain to the camera, adding, "I don't want no fake love. I can buy that s**t, though."