The album for Future Hendrix's new album Dirty Sprite 2 is goddamn amazing, beautifully rendering the synthesis of sprite and codeine on both a chemical and spiritual level. Turns out the artist didn't have lean in mind when she illustrated it. She hadn't even heard of Future. 

The artist, Sanja Tošić, posted the image to Shutterstock, which is where Future tracked it down. There is no doubt in her mind that it is her work. "I'm 110 percent it's mine," she told The FADER. "I'm selling these images on stock sites... [It] Belongs to series Silky Smooth. This picture was sold last month."

Tošić said Shutterstock has compensated her somewhere between $0.33 and $80. Various internet estimates have Shutterstock paying out its artists 40-50%, which means Future likely paid $160 at most for the DS2 cover.