Future decided to take to Twitter on Thursday (May 21st) to offer some "quotes to live by" about avoiding "ugly girls," not long after his confirmed baby mother, Eliza Reign, countersued him for libel, slander, and emotional distress. Earlier this month, a DNA test finally confirmed that Future is, in fact, the father of Eliza's daughter, after months of the rapper denying his paternity in court. Eliza had initially sued Future for paternity, custody, and child support last year, which he responded to with a countersuit for defamation, claiming that she had harassed him after getting pregnant and accusing her of trying to use her child to get money out of him. However, the judge mostly dismissed his case, and now that he's been revealed to be the father of Eliza's child, she's countersuing him over a number of claims, including that he allegedly trued to coerce her into having an abortion.

future eliza reign baby mama lawsuit ugly girls twitter rant spreeKevin Winter/Getty Images for Coachella

Although Future did not directly address Eliza anywhere in his series of tweets, the timing is rather coincidental. During his Twitter spree, he wrote that "people make lies up to make they self feel good," and advised his followers to "leave them ugly girls alone." He also seemed to confess to making the "HUGE MISTAKE" of "get[ting] high and treat[ing] a ugly girl pretty," before claiming that "ugly girls b in imaginary relationships." At one point, he quoted one of Drake's lyrics from their collab, "Life Is Good," tweeting, "Caught me slipping ok so what." At the time of publication, his most recent message reads, "U crying over shoe money when u could’ve jus ask for it. RELAX."


Do you think his tweets are directed at Eliza?