Remember when you were a kid, and were blessed with those presents you would long for now but seemed useless back then? This may be one of those instances. Future took to social media to show the world his expensive birthday gift for his son Baby Future, and the internet is confused. Future bought his son a new Rolex, and in the video, Baby Future gives one of those nonchalant "thanks" that kids give adults when they're just being polite. It didn't seem like he cared about the fancy watch, and why should he. He's five. Although this is a gift that will mature with Baby Future and undoubtedly be a prized possession once he gets older, Future could have just copped the watch when his son was older. At least, that's how the internet feels. 

The general consensus is that Baby Future probably just wanted some toys. Still, the youngen looked like he knew what he was doing when he put the piece on. Maybe we should trust family members to know what's best for their child and leave them be? DJ Khaled blessed his infant son with a luxurious watch for his birthday as well, maybe it's a trend for wealthy families.