On a popular collaboration with Young Thug, Future says that he's "in a relationship with all [his] bitches." Not one to cap in his raps, Future is really out here proving that he's the biggest playboy in his city because, in his latest Instagram story additions, he noted that he's exploring polygamy right now, shacking up with a handful of women. 

The Atlanta-based recording artist has been in the news because of his current paternity drama with Eliza Reign, who claims he fathered what would be his seventh child with a seventh woman. We know that Future has been pretty active romantically, spending time with Ciara, Joie Chavis, and others. His lyrical content often mentions struggles with love and heartbreak so right now, to see Hendrix putting himself out there like this makes him pretty vulnerable to another round of heartache. The rapper wrote on social media: "I have 5 wives BTW. Love them all to death." Fewtch didn't elaborate on whether he's copped marriage licenses for each of his girls but at least he's in love with them. That's a start.

Then, he went on to pull the biggest flex on one of his girlfriends who was fiending for a Popeyes Chicken Sandwich. As you know, people around the country have been salivating for a final taste of the delicious menu addition after the restaurant chain announced they had sold out nationwide. Future finessed one of his "wives" by picking up a sandwich from a different location, stuffing it inside a Popeyes bag, and handing it over. "Pulled up on bae with a chicken sandwich frm a hood spot and put it in a Popeyes bag I had n the car frm a week ago, she love me more now," he wrote. "Perception is everything."

Would you pull this move on your girl?